Friday, March 27, 2015

March 9th 2015

This week was great! We had our first Baptism! I had the opportunity to Baptize our investigator Halo Babazadeh! Actually his name is "Jack Halo Culp" but nobody told me that until like 10 minutes before the baptism, so I almost messed up the whole thing! Haha but it went well! Halo is 9 years old. His dad is Persian and tells him everyday how stupid the church is! His mom is a less active member and kinda forced the baptism on his at first. The first day we met him he told us he didn't want to get baptized for like 2 years! And then the closer we got to him and the more he learned he decided he wanted to be baptized for himself. He is such a cool kid! The day of the baptism he really opened up to me and acted like we were friends. I am proud to call him my first! Haha

We got to go to a farm and do some service! It was freaking nutty! When you think southern California you think crazy rich people and Asians! Or atleast I do.. So we got called to go help at this crazy like 4H school! We got there and there was like 10 random animals running around with these little kids! It was insane! Im pretty sure there is some freaky jazz going on there! But it was fun to get out and actually do something. Like it sounds weird. But I am having an itch to get out and build something! Haha we set up a service appointment with one of our favorite families. We are going to demo/rebuild their closets. Its going to be rad-gnar! We are pretty excited.

I also thought I would share about our neighbors! The people that live next door moved here from Russia and have TONS of guns! Haha all they do is smoke all day and drive around in their suuuuuper sketchy van. I wont lie.. we are pretty sure they are terrorists! And I don't know if this is true, but I heard if you turn in a terrorist and it turns out that they really are terrorists, you get like a millions dolla bills! Haha so we are going to turn them in! (:

Our Golden investigator decided not to get baptized this upcoming weekend after we already scheduled the whole thing. She wants to put it off until the first of April so her parents can make it. I think it is a terrible Idea to wait! After receiving a witness of the Holy Ghost satan is going to work on her like crazy! So I think it is a bad idea to wait.. but what do I know? Haha keep her in your prayers! Her name is Jill Priebe!

That's all for this week! This church is still true I hope. All is well in California! Farewell friends.
                                                                         Justin's 1st Baptism - Halo

P-Day cleaning up crab on the beach


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