Friday, March 27, 2015

February 9th 2015

Im honestly surprised I even made it through this week. Haha the days go by soooo slow! But the weeks go by sooo fast! We were counting all of our numbers up last night and I couldn't believe some of the stuff we did this week. Like Monday feels like it was three weeks ago. I know it doesn't make much sense, but it is mission logic.
This week was pretty awesome! Our 11 year old investigator changed his date to March 7th. So I probably wont even be here for it. Haha so that's neat. We also have a 9 year investigator that will be on date this week! And then our pride and joy.. Erik Strand is an 18 year old kid with an awful background. His mom is an alcoholic and his dad just bounced on him. His dad told him he would disown him if he got baptized but he broke it down for him and turns out he gave him his consent! So we are stoked! We started teaching him and we had an awesome lesson about the Plan of Salvation. And then we invited him to be baptized. He said he would pray for a date and turns out he got an answer! So on Wednesday we will know when he is getting baptized. Its so awesome!
Now for the cool stuff that happened. Haha I don't know when I got my skateboard. So I may have already said this. But we helped a lady move that was complete nuts! We were walking by and she waved us down to help her move! She was in a super hurry so it seemed a little fishy in the first place. But the first words out of her mouth were "I need your help! I had a miscarriage yesterday. And I have to be out of my apartment in 2 hours." So we started packing out all her stuff and I saw the skateboard decks! So I asked her if she skates and all that jazz. And so she told me I could have one! One of them had a naked girl on it, so I was forced to pick the other one. Haha and then a little while later we ran into a pro skateboarder for Element! Haha He was just thrashing! He was so freaking good! So he like ran up to us and wanted to chat! So I was already so confused! Haha people don't just do that around here! And so when we saw him coming our way I was thinking what are the odds this dude is Mormon!? And sure enough this guy has a brother on a mission! Haha he said he wanted to go/still wants to, but he wants to see where his skateboard can take him first! Haha it was so nuts! He was so cool! I told him the story about the crazy lady that gave me the deck. And he was like dude.. Ill hook you up! So he ran back to his house and got me a 70 pair of trucks and a brand new set of element bearings! Haha sooo tight! So today we are going to find some wheels and im going to start trying to be a skater boy again! Hopefully I don't brake something. (: We also had dinner with the CEO of Voodoo tactical! Haha look it up! Their stuff is siiick! He was one of the coolest guys I have ever met in my life! He has the hookups with gun stuff. So he custom made his AR15 for 60 bucks! Haha it doesn't have any numbers on it, and it has every single attachment you could image! This dude was nuts! We were just chatting and he was like wait a minute. And then he went upstairs and brought us both back a 60 dollar shoulder bag! Haha the members here are soo awesome! Most of the people are terrible! But the members are nothing like they are at home! They are all missionary oriented. They are super supportive and its great!
Im leaving a whole lot of stuff out. So just know that I did way more cool stuff that I cant think of right now.. The mish is great! I enjoy California! I enjoy it being the perfect temp allllll the time. I enjoy the asains sometimes. I enjoy my comp. It just really has been an awesome experience the past 2 months. And im excited to see what is in store. Hope all is well!

Elder Holman
                                                  At President Orgill's house for dinner

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