Friday, March 27, 2015

January 13th and 14th - in the MTC

January 14
Yesterday was a terrible day. After i got done emailing i really started to get sick but i still went to the temple. Which was an awful idea. Haha i got there and thought i was going to die. But i didnt want to be that guy so i did did the session. Which was also an awful idea. Haha i thought i was going to throw up the entire time. My whole body was aching like crazy and i had the chills soooo bad! So right after we came back my companion made me see the doctor. He told me that i have the flu and that i have to spend the next few days in quarantine. I feel lots better so i snuck out to the computer to do some emailing since i got my reassignment and it tells you to email your fam and talk to them about it. I am going to the Irvine California Mission. I leave on Tuesday at 3:35. I am not going to have any lay over time. So the only time i have to call will be in the middle of the night. Haha 

January 13

Things are starting to get real here! I leave the beginning of next week. I am starting to freak out! I get reassigned tomorrow or Thursday. I cant wait to get out of here! But then again i am comfortable here and it is going to be a huge change! So i am having pretty mixed feelings towards everything. Richins left this morning at 3:30 and since his whole district left he had to stay in our room the past two nights. He is beyond sick and coughs every 10 seconds so i didn't sleep at all until he left and even after he left i couldn't sleep because i was so sad! Haha so I'm running on a couple hours today. And on top of all that i am getting sick. So that's also making everything alot worse! He wrote in my journal that i was a direct answer to his prayer and that if i hadn't shown up when i did he would have gone home. That made me want to cry! Because he has also helped me through so much in here and i dont know if i would have made it without him. Elder Adams left the day after his birthday too so we threw him a rager! Haha we all bought tons of food and made presents and went to the party room to surprise him! (We got one of the really old elders to leave us the key to his room and that became the party room) everybody still had a ton of those poppers and noise makers from new years so we used probably 30 of them and almost set the smoke detector off.  We made him a pinata and somebody even had a cake! Haha one of the Japanese elders got every attractive girl in this whole place to write him a note in this little journal and gave that to him. It was awesome. In the middle of our party one of the Who-dee-whos (That is the code word for when the Zone presidents are in the dorms) came and ruined our party and then tried to turn us in but it was an abandoned room so we got away with it. Haha Elder Adams is like a celebrity here because in the Christmas talent show he did what Jamie Foxx did with the Brady Bunch theme song! Haha he is super good at singing so all the girls are in love with him! I cant ever think of the cool stuff that has happened when i write these emails. So its just going to be random cool things that went on. On Wednesday we got to host again and that was soo cool! Ahh-hee-son, my companion, saw this car drive by and he was like i think that's David Archuleta! Before he even finished saying it i was sprinting to the car to host whoever was with him! I got there first and was stoked. But i got shut down super hard because it was a girl and elders cant host sisters. So i just got to shake his hand and take the luggage. But i almost pooped when i shook his hand because i love him so much! Haha on Sunday when we went on our temple walk we were taking pictures and i thought it would be funny to jump on a tree and bear hug it. But when i got down i had stained my shirt, tie, suit, and pride. So i looked like such a tool at the devotional! Haha it was so bad. Also the devotional tonight is supposed to have multiple general authorities here because the new MTC presidency is getting set apart. So that will be sick! There is a rumor going around that President Monson is going to be here! My companion and i are going to the Devotional two hours early to wait in line. Haha I'm def going to snap a few pictures of the prophet. That's about it i think. Sorry this email is written so poorly and unorganized. Maybe ill get little better throughout the next 23 months. Haha i hope you all have a good week. Eu Amo Voces.

Elder Holman
Elder Holman and his teacher from the MTC
(What a small world - Todd knew him in Africa)

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