Friday, March 27, 2015

February 17th 2015

This week flew by! The more I think about it the less I remember that I even did. We were super busy! But at the end of the week we didn't accomplish much. None of the names we have will ever even answer the door. We went by 20 names of less active members and potential investigators in one day and not one of them answered the door. Even though a majority of them were inside watching tv. It was suuuuper laaaame! Haha it was 95 degrees that whole day and we were dying! But I am afraid I am getting fat so I guess I could use a couple days like that a week. I have gained a few more pounds then im willing to admit! Haha

As far as missionary work goes I don't have a lot to report! We tried really hard and contacted our brains out, we just didn't find much success with anything! This week should be pretty solid though. We have a lot of good stuff planned. Our 11 year old investigator is getting baptized on March 7th and I think he wants to have me do it. So that's going to be pretty sick! Our 17 year old investigator is getting baptized sometime in April. He has a really rough home life but his mom said he could do it after he graduates. That situation really sucks though because he lives outside of our mission boundaries and travels to our ward because that's where he is comfortable. So even though he is our investigator and we have been teaching him we are going to have to pass him off to the Anaheim mission. I hope it all goes okay. There is an unreal amount of investigators that are lost in the ward transition. So we are hoping for the best but it's really hard! The Foronda family that we are reactivating finally all came to church! It is the first time in 3 years the whole family went to church! Their 17 year old wouldn't even get out of their van because he felt stupid for being there. So we went out and convinced him to come in! haha he is a good kid he is just a little nuts! He is high functioning autistic. Sooo hes quite the challenge!

Now for the cool jazz that happened! Haha we ran into this super cool guy that said he was in a band and stuff. He seemed super crazy just by the looks! He had double sleeves of tattoos and he just seemed super wild! And then he told us he is a recent convert! Haha he has been a member for like a year now and he is stud! He said nobody believes him and all the little kids stare at him but he is a super solid guy! I could be wrong but im pretty sure he the young mens pres. Haha so that was awesome! We scheduled this huge Family home evening for all of our investigators that went super good. And at the end Elder Kurth and I were playing with all the kids outside. We were just playing games and stuff. And I don't know what it is about this place but I swear like 1 in 5 kids are autistic. So we were playing tag and this little kid threw something at me and when it hit me it took me like 5 seconds to realize that it hurt because I couldn't understand why! And I looked down and this little autistic kid with a cape on threw a super sharp rock right at my hip! Haha it hurt sooo bad and bruised real nicely! So that was fun.

I got hooked up pretty fat a couple more times this week. Elder Kurth knows a guy that works for Oakley, and he can get 70 percent off. So I bought a pair of 180 dollar glasses for a lil pocket change! Haha they are soooo sick! I wish I could send pictures. But we email at the library and these computers are like 1st gen hps. Haha but ill figure something out. And we also got hooked up with these super old FBI wanted posters! We were helping this guy move and when we left he handed us these papers and told us to hold onto them and theyd be worth some bucks someday! He said he looked them up on ebay and they are selling for 300 dolla bills! Haha cali is treating us quite nicely. (:

That is it for this week. Hope all is well!

Elder Holman
Irvine California Elders serving at the Food Bank

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