Friday, March 27, 2015

January 26th 2015

Aight the mission field is 1000 times better then the MTC. It is so nice to be out here and to talk to real people. Even though most of them and Asian, shut us down super hard, and wont talk to us, it is nice to see real faces. My companion is Elder Kurth. He has been out for 18 months, but he hasn't quite checked out yet so I am pretty lucky. He is from Michigan, and he is a rassler! He seems like he was a stud in High School! But he doesn't want to wrestle in College. He is a frickin meat head! He is only 5'6 and he weighed 185 when he got out here. He doesn't weigh that now, but he was a monster! Haha Im sure we look like chumps walking around because we are both midgets. But its alright, we get shiz done! Ha so we white washed into our area. Which means both of the old missionaries in our area got transferred out and we got transferred in. We spent all week just trying to figure out the area, the members, and our investigators. It has been suuuuper busy, so that was nice. Our ward is supposedly the best ward in the mission, they are way into missionary work! It is nothing like it is back home. Or maybe when I was home we just didn't care enough. Haha I don't know. The members feed us dinner every night. And dinner to these guys is a 5 course meal! We eat sooo good. Just so you have an idea of the money in our ward, we went to a family yesterday that is selling their 2 bedroom town house for 550,000 bones. So as you can assume, we eat pretty well.
I know I am supposed to be in Irvine! My companion said he has talked to 2 Brazilians since he got here, and since I have gotten here we have ran into over 10. We actually found one on Wednesday and we talked to her for 2 hours. She was super receptive and wants to meet with us again. We even found her a Livro de Mormon, so that's really exciting! She is so ready for the Gospel I am getting the chills just thinking about her! I am stoked to meet with her again.
So our area is a car area, but I guess they sold a few cars. So my companion and I are in a car share. We get the car Monday night to Friday morning and they get it the rest. It takes about an hour to walk from top to bottom of our area. So we have probably gotten about 15 miles of solid walking in in the past couples days. I frickin hate it! They don't even have bikes for us! But I always text the assistants and complain about walking so they are trying to get us a full time car. They are really awesome, one is from Boise and we are boiz! We heard a member has a tandem bike that they never use so we have been trying to get ahold of them all week. But I think they are out of the country right now. We are eating with them this week so we are going to score a bright yellow tandem bike and I am stoked to get it! We are going to tape a basket to the front and make a little name tag for our bike. Ill make sure to send some pictures. Haha
We had to bear (Bare?) our testimonies in Sacrament meeting yesterday and I almost fell to my death I was so nervous. I talked about how I believe the Book of Mormon is true but I don't KNOW it is true. I believe everything in it is the word of God and that is makes people happy, but I haven't had a witness that just slaps me in the face and tell me its true. I felt pretty stupid afterwards but the entire ward came to me afterwards and told me how much they respect me for saying that and being honest. It was actually what most of the priesthood lesson ended up being on. They talked about how us as Mormons feel like we need to impress eachother and lie about our testimonies when really we are all striving to gain one of our own. So that was really awesome!
It has been perfect weather the entire time. We wear short sleeve shirts and it never gets cold. It never really even gets hot, its just perfect! Haha i am running out of time. I know this is where im supposed to be, so im not even bummed its California. The people here are incredible. Its a totally different culture but its nothing like the stereotype. They people are so humble and awesome. Elder Kurth and I are working hard, and will continue to do so. Have a good week.

Elder Holman

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