Friday, March 27, 2015

March 23 2015

I don't even know where to start with this guy! It has been such a good week! The work wasn't great.. Haha actually it kinda sucked. Worst numbers we have had since i got out.. But other than that it was a great week! Our only solid investigator, Jill Priebe, is finally on date. but not for another month! She is getting baptized on the 25th of April! I am stoked for her! She is so ready and sooo golden!

Sooo since i got out here i have just been trying to focus all of my attention on the work and becoming a missionary. I have been trying to accept that i am here for a reason in Irvine California with all the Asians instead of Brazil. So i haven't thought for one second about my visa. I haven't worried at all! The only time i would think about it was on P-Day when every single person i know would ask me if i am ever going to Brazil. I have just been trying to learn and grow as much as i can while i am here and i actually understand what people are saying! In preach my gospel it says to learn the Gospel and how to teach it in your native language first and then just put it into your mission language. So that is how i have been looking at being here. I have been looking at it as a pit stop to learn more about the Gospel and how to teach it. When Elder Harrison got put into my companionship all he ever talked about was Brazil and his visa so i got pretty bummed about it. And i started to get pretty jealous! So that night i "Wrested with God" (-Alma something.. I read it in my studies this morning.. Haha) in a sense and i poured out my heart about getting my visa. And the very next day i got a call from President telling me that i got my visa! That has been the most spiritual moment of my life. I know that prayers are answered. And i now have a firm testimony of praying for specific things. I have been praying everyday for a couple fat stacks of cash.. but those prayers haven't been answered.. yet. I am leaving the 14th of April with my Boi Elder Harrison! We fly out at 8:30 in the morning to Atlanta. And then we fly into the Sao Paulo the next day at 6:30 so that is going to be a little rough. But i am stoked! I am even excited for the MTC! I have to go back for a 2 week refresher and then its go time!

Last night we had a training on the new Easter video coming out. It was soo cool! The video is amazing. I honestly tear up every time i watch it! I don't think it comes out to the public for a little while..? Maybe. I don't remember! But it is going to be the main advertisement on youtube on the 5th! The church def knows what its doing! The video is incredible! We had like a little training on the purpose of it and how to share it and stuff. It was aight.. Haha annnd then, David Archuleta showed up! Haha it was so sick! He gave us like the exact same talk/report of his mish that he gave us in the MTC. But it was awesome! He sang like 4 or 5 songs again. I recorded all of them again.. didn't know i wasn't allowed to until the very end when President said we couldnt take pictures with him in the chapel. but by then it was too late!

A member in our ward bought me a pair of Cole Haans. Haha i love this place! Not sure what else to throw in here. I really don't want to write anymore.. So that's all folks. Have a good week! God be with be with you till we meet again or something. (;

Elder Holman
Justin and His Mission President and Wife just after he arrived in California
President and Sister Orgill

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