Friday, March 27, 2015

March 16th 2015

I got a new comp! Elder Harrison (My comp from the MTC) got transferred into my companionship! So we are in a trio now! Haha its so fun! I am stoked about it! He got his visa and there was some trouble in one of the other comanionships so they thought they might as well just throw him in with us while he finishes up training and waiting on the Visa! I am so pumped for him to go to Brazil! I hope I get mine within the next month and leave with him! He reports on the 14th of April to the Brazil MTC! He is jacked, and I am bummed. Because I will still be stuck in Cali. Which is still much better than Idaho! But its still not quite Brazil!

I hit my 3 month mark a week ago and I cant decide if it has gone by fast or not. I cant decide whether to be happy or sad. I cant even decide if I am where I should be at three months! I don't know why it hit me so hard. But It did! I have been putting a lot of thought into it! And I think I am well on my way to becoming the missionary im supposed to be. I know im supposed to be here, but I always wonder why im not in Brazil and when I will get there! I always wonder why I am being delayed on getting there. I know I have met people I was supposed to meet but it is hard to come to terms with Gods schedule. Haha

I broke my watch! Well, Elder Kurth broke me watch. We were wrestling as usual.. Haha and he started choked me out in like a triangle something? If that's a choke hold? Well anyways I like fought my way up and head bucked him as hard as I could. And at some point during that he hooked my watch with his thumb and broke it! Sooo im pretty bummed about that, but I think the head butt made it all worth it. We are in love and its just for fun.. But it was nice to release some anger! (:

I had to give the training in District Training Meeting. And it was on being a successful missionary. I don't know why they would give me that topic since I still know nothing about missionary work and I especially don't know anything about being a successful one! So I started reading the section in preach my gospel and expectations really stuck out to me. So I talked about our expectations being too low. When I got out here I was told that this mission isn't really known for baptisms and that we will be lucky if we have two. and that hit me hard! I always wonder why people would say that to a greeny. I think our expectations should be the clouds! I think we should expect great things. I think that applies to our daily lives as well. If we expect great things and work for great things we will find success. But if we keep doing what we are used to here and are fine with whats happening we aren't ever going to get any better. annnnnd then afterwards I could tell that I offended everyone and that im a greeny and don't have any room to talk.. Haha

There is an 83 year old guy in our area that hasn't been to church for 65 years and has absolutely no intentions to return, but we do what any missionary would do, and harass him. Haha he really likes us though! We convinced him to start giving us tennis lessons once a week! So he hooked us up with some rackets and he teaches us how to play! He is still super good at tennis and golf. We are working on getting to the golf course.. But that one might take awhile. Ever since we met him he has been asking me what my first name is and i always tell him Elder. But i finally cracked and told him. So now all he calls me is Justin. It sucks! Haha #rookiemistake

Yesterday we stayed in the apartment all day because Elder Kurth got food poisoning! He decided he was hungry enough to eat some left over lasagna that he accidently left outside overnight! Which would have been fine in Idaho! But it doesn't get under like 50 even at night here! Haha sooo yeah he got super sick! So i was in charge of the cooking yesterday. So i cooked up some fancy left over bread that a member gave us and when i was like 3 slices in i realized it was all moldy. luckily i still feel alright but im sure im the next to get poisoned! Wish me luck.. Haha

Not really much else! Jill Priebe should be getting baptized this Saturday! BUt we will see. She is so ready it hurts! But she wants everyone to make it, so we cant find a day that works for everyone! I am certain that is satan! We are figuring it out though. She is awesome and im stoked about it! We have some really golden referrals we haven't been able to get in touch with yet! But from the sounds of them, we will be going swimming a lot in the next couple months! (: I hope all is well! #TCIT

Elder Holman
Elder Kurth and Holman
Elder Kurth has been Justin's companion since he arrived in California

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